EMS Electrostimulation Machine EMS Muscle Stimulation Device

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Power: 50W
Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
Width of pulse: 100μS~500μS
Shrink time: 0.1S~5.0S
Loose time: 0.1S~5.0
Electrotherapy for body:20pcs
Electrotherapy for breast:2pcs
Package Size: 46*37*20cm
Package Weight: 6.5kg
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EMS Electric Pad Muscle Stimulator Slimming Machine Body Sculpting Weight Loss


1, heat grease, ultra-micro-current firming;

2, detoxification slimming, promote blood circulation;

3, body shaping, speed up metabolism;

4, partial dressing, eliminate fat and fat.

5, low-frequency bi-directional wave vibration,

6 at the same time on the body of two people or ten people to lose weight body use

7, far-infrared therapy (such as menstrual pain, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)


Product Description:

1, the use of micro-current principle, effective for body parts, aerobic exercise.

2, with lymphatic drainage, weight loss, enhance skin excretion function.

3, the instrument durable, self-adhesive patch.

4, easy to operate, beauty salon and family even available.


Slimming machine principle:

The use of biological waves stimulate muscle contraction or stimulate acupuncture points, opening the meridians, smooth the body of the blockage, stiff tissue, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism. Acupoints there qi and blood flow throughout the fourteen meridians, the right qi and blood can be properly distributed in the meridian, it will not happen, “too late” phenomenon, so the use of biological waves to the acupuncture appropriate stimulation will not produce metabolic delay, More can regulate the function of organs. The use of biological waves to stimulate the muscles to produce fat band, the whole body loose two hanging down the muscles.


1, targeted weight loss: waist, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks fat, where fat reduction, the reduction by less.

2, body health: combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern science and technology allows you to easily lose weight at the same time mediating blood and body, and a unique therapeutic efficacy.

3, cosmetic effect: which can effectively lose weight, and restore and maintain the original elasticity of the skin.

4, non-toxic without side effects: the method of health science to make you lose weight after physical strength, energetic.

Notice: This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease ,Place an order and contact customer service, We can give you the lowest price in the market because we are the manufacturer

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Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions42 × 32 × 22 cm

12 reviews for EMS Electrostimulation Machine EMS Muscle Stimulation Device

  1. Rhin

    I just received this machine and boy oh boy, its awesome, its had my muscles jumping in one setting and twitching on another setting. Only thing I can say, is that I wished they had more of the smaller pads. I love the velcrow straps, various sizes for holding the pads on different body parts.

  2. Jason B

    Hi I got my machine last week and I love it!!!! I bought it to use it in my clients but I’m keeping it all for myself!!! Lol it’s amazing! It help me with cellulite, saggy muscle, tone up, and more. Just waiting on some extra wires that I’m suppose to received soon but other than that this machine does miracles 🙏🏼

  3. peanutters02

    You really did some outstanding adjustments to make this product as good 👍 as possible for the people 👏 thank you.

  4. Norah Vargas

    Super!!! estoy muy feliz con mi compra. Igual que haber ido a una estética, lo hago lo misma en casa y excelente!!!! Fácil de usar u muy sencilla. Hace au trabajo recomendada 100%. Entrega 🚚 rápido.

  5. Yolanda Culberson

    Helps locked shoulder and tones up muscles!

  6. Larry W.

    Great EMS machine. This is exactly the same one people used at the spa but half of the price. Really good for sciatica pain. Great muscle estimulator. I 💯 recommend it.

  7. Freddy Correa López

    Hasta el momento me a funcionado muy bien y viene con un manual muy bien explicado de como se debe utilizar, como instalarlo y las precauciones que se debe tener

  8. Patricia Partl

    Is a good machine for body contouring

  9. johan alejandro diaz

    Cumple todas mis expectativas, tal como se describe así es su funcionamiento

  10. Juicy

    No complaints it was a little confusing at first to use and work but consistent with it you’ll see results

  11. lauren ludwig

    I use this for an hour please keep in mind that each knob you have to adjust to your comfortability you must use with aloe as a conductor or sonogram gel if not you will get electrocuted this really penetrates the muscle it had me sweating this is an alternative for Emsculpt also I like the fact that you can target specific muscles with this machine I love this machine thank you so much to the person who’s selling it it’s amazing

  12. Nicholas Smith

    This is significantly larger than I had anticipated!

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