Rf Body Sculpt Emslim Machine Em Slim Neo

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  • Machine power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
  • Screen Size: 8in
  • Output Intensity: 7 Tesla
  • Frequency: 3-150HZ
  • Pulse Duration: 300us
  • Cooling System: Air Cooling
  • Machine Size: 42*33*30cm
  • Machine Weight: 27 kg
  • Package Size: 56*40*52cm
  • Package Weight: 31 kg
  • ReturnPolicy: 30 Days Money back guarantee Return Policy
  • ShippingDetails: FREE SHIPPING fast delivery Shipping policy

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EMS Massage Body Sculpt 2 Handles Emslim Neo RF Muscle Stimulator EMS Body Sculpting Slimming Machine

1. increase muscle. 2. shape abdominal muscles. 3. shape vest line. 4. shape bubble butt. 5. Reduce fat.

1. Increase in muscle mass up to 33%.
2. Each session is a 30 minute treatment on one particular area of the body. If you’re working on multiple body parts, like the abdominal and the buttock areas, that will require two 30 minute sessions. spaced two or three days apart for optimal results.portable emslim burn fat hi-emt ems fat burning sculpt equipment.
3. Safe, simple and fast
The treatment is performed with patient lying down and is extremely comfortable for him or her. A session generally lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. As a result of the non-invasive and virtually painless treatment, the patient can resume his or her normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.
Working Theory
HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) is the medical technology that is used in aesthetic medicine. It uses
focused electro- magnetic field with safe intensity level. Electro- magnetic field passes non-invasively through the body and
interacts with motor neurons which subsequently trigger supramaximal muscle contractions. Non-invasive medical technology that is
used for strengthening and re-education of muscles via interaction of the magnetic field with the tissue of the patient. Contrary
to voluntary muscle contractions, the supramaximal contractions are independent of brain function. The HI-EMT uses a specific
range of frequencies that does not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimulations.
Product name
HI-FEM Ems+Rf Building Muscle Stimulator Device
Magnetic vibration intensity
7 Tesla
Input voltage
AC 110V-230V
Output power
Output power
Host size
Size of flight shipping Case
About 27kg

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Additional information

Weight31 kg
Dimensions55 × 40 × 52 cm
Input voltage



7 Tesla

RF Frequency


Output Frequency


Output power



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