Professional Rf Microneedling Machine With Cryo Cold Hammer

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  • Power: 200W
  • Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
  • Screen Size: 8.4in
  • Radio Frequency(RF): 2-4Hz
  • RF Output Power: 50W
  • Needle Cartridges: 10pin,25pin,64pin and nano needle
  • Needle Depth: 0.2-3.5mm
  • Treatment Area: 1cm*1cm
  • Machine Size: 53*45*36 cm
  • Machine Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Package Size: 48*35*40cm
  • Package Weight: 15 kg
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Fractional Microneedle RF Machine Micro Needle Facial Lifting


The RF energy is delivered through the focused tip of the micro-needles, leading to far-less trauma to the surrounding
epidermis.This leads to significantly decreased discomfort and down time for the patient compared to conventional fractional lasers.Non-insulated micro-needles are more effective and takes care of both epidermal and dermal problems without the need for additional superficial fractional RF treatments (SFRs).


1, Continuous treatment from Epidermis to dermis –Tightening, Pore size, Superficial scar, Wrinkles
2, Stronger treatment power throughout dermis area-lifting tightening, wrinkles, flushing, Lightening and Acne.
3, Bio-modulation effect by combination treatment with fibroblast media through micro delivery hole, Micro electrodes
make-scar,Acne, Pigmentation, PIH, Flushing, Whitening and moisturizing.

Cold hammer :Release ice power by the physiological cooling principle of 1℃-5℃

1. Contraction of blood vessels, resulting in tightening of the capillaries, greatly improving the size of the pores.
2. Strengthens collagen fibers to make skin lift and elastic, smooths wrinkles and crow’s feet.
3. Hazardous wastes such as vasoconstriction, effective reduction of varicose veins, floating tendons and venous reflux are more easily purified and detoxified, which have significant effects on the desalination and elimination of spots.
4.Reduce metabolic rate, reduce skin redness, swelling, pain, especially allergic skin
Needle cartridges
10pin, 25pin, 64pinand nano needle
Needle Depth
0.2-3.5mm(0.1 step)
RF power
RF Frequency
Bi-Polar ,2MHZ
Treatment Duration
Needle Thickness
Control Display
8.4 inch color touch screen
Suction level
-2 level
AC 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz
Packing size

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions48 × 35 × 40 cm


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